#SPOILER for season 8 episode 2 of #GoT

These are the images from the banner in the opening sequence of tonight’s episode of #gameofthrones. There is a theory that Jaime is the prince that was promised who will kill the Night King and save everyone from the white walkers. The middle picture shows a lion, what look like a triumphant man on a horse, and a man holding a severed head. I think the middle picture is confirming the theory. Here’s why.

There are 3 parts of the theory which includes forging the ‘lightbringer’ sword (link): 1) the sword broken while being forged and dunked in water, 2) it broke when it stabbed a lion in the head, and 3) it was made complete by being used to kill the prince’s wife.

Now, if Jaime is this prince, then there is no sword that was broken. But after Jaime saves Sir Brienne and his right hand is cut off, he himself is broken and is reduced to nothing. His right hand was his dominant hand and he ended up reduced to training with Brun. This brokenness was shown when he was in the bath afterwards with Sir Brienne.

You may remember that the lion is the sygil of House Lannister. When Jaime leaves and vows to fight for the living, he turns his back on his house and home. That moment when Sir Brienne put it on God was the definitive point.

Lastly, Jaime is obviously smitten with Sir Brienne. By asking to fight for her and the knighting her, he is telling her that he is all in for her. Since Brienne is an honorable person, and Jaime is respectful of honor especially in this regard, he may not say it directly, but he is running some heavy game. This is the Jaime’s Black Moment, when the story is its most emotional. This fact would mean that he either is turning or has turned his back on Cersei. And we losing his love would kill her because she’s already lost so much.

Therefore, my prediction is that Jaime kills the Night King after a failed attempt by the tree by others… Because Jaime is the prince that was promised. He won’t survive. He’ll die in Sir Brienne’s arms, but he’ll die having taken out the Night King.

There you have it. Jaime Lannister is the prince that was promised (or the Ahor Azai for my fellow nerds).

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