Deracialization “in America,” but not “of America”

​This is in response to “Controversial ‘trans-race’ activist and author Rachel Dolezal has explained her switch in identity – from white to black – as the result of a ‘decolonised mind.’

The issue with the proposed deracialization of America is that all of the stratification, gentrification, and genocide, that white folk are both responsible for and beneficiaries of, would continue to be hard written into the foundation of American society. 

You cannot combat the invisible effects of an outdated and prematurely invalidated. It’s hard enough combating what we know and see exists.

We, presently, have to fight to make people aware or even open to awareness currently. Imagine trying to make people aware of the brutalizing effects of a relationship that we have rendered obsolete, however reprehensibly to those most affected. This, though, does not begin to consider addressing a ‘decolonized’ mind. 


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