The Ewing Perspective on Progress and Boycotts

I was thinking about this article and it occurred to me that boycotts may not be the most appropriate response to such blatant under-and devaluing of black lives. If we boycott every business with antiblack racist leadership in America, we’d only be supporting black businesses and some businesses owned by other people of color. At one point or another, I’m sure every business leader has said or done something racist, whether consciously or subconsciously.

Face it, American society is largely antiblack. From the Oscar to fortune 500 CEOs to politicians to police brutality to police homicide to police forces to military to education to the prison industrial complex to much more vastly and broadly further, if we cannot admit that black lives are at risk every hour of every day, then we are already conceding losses.

This isn’t a black issue solely, it’s mostly a white issue. If white people don’t break the code of White silence, then progress will continue to move steps forward while sliding down the hill of racial equity and equality. And if we truly want to address the historical wrongs of this nation, then we must be able to come together, share our vulnerability, support and encourage each other, and work together in the reality of how skewed the issues really are and have been allowed to be in this country.

Maybe this is just my perspective, but it can’t be far from an agreeable truth. What’s your perspective?


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